RAVE!Kairi is a variation of Kairi I want to do with my group (who so far only consists of one other KH character). I’ve just started planing her out but I have a few good ideas so far I think! I’ll just list them out for now, the elements I want anyway and see where I can go!

Zippers: three of them, just like on her regular KH2 outfit. I love her pink dress, so that is staying.
Belt with Bag: Staying. Might make a different bag or something or I’ll just use the same one. It is AMAZING to have.
Bright colors: Pinks I think will be the main color again since she is pink. I might bring in some of her purple or blue from her uniform.
Skirt: Pleated unless I can’t find a better spot for her zippers. I hope her shirt will work for the zippers.
Patch?? Maybe some patches… one of a paopu fruit would be cute.

Really, that is all I have so far. Bright, colorful and glowy xD


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