So, I forgot to keep this updated, but Kairi from KH2 is finished! She was a great success. I’m super pleased with how she turned out.

There are somethings that do need work, such as the shoes. The black paint started coming off during the con, so I’ll need to repaint them. Also, the lack of hair styling skillz didn’t help my case any when it came to trying to shove my hair up in a wig. I knew what I needed to do, just I needed help doing it since I can’t pin my own hair up. O_o; But minor details! I’ll get better with the wig!

I was complete even with a Shadow Plushie! He was adorable. He was my Sora. I even made him a paopu fruit to carry around! I ended up not having the keyblade but at this time I’m okay with that. I love my shadow. Maybe for next years KumoriCon I’ll have it. I don’t know. But I do know I wont be setting aside my Sora! He’s just too cute!

Well, here is a picture of Sora, Paopu and I! Not a full shot as I don’t have any I want to use yet, but soon I will!

Kairi and Sora!


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